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    When and where does WIFFEN occur?

    The WIFFEN event will hold on 20thth – 23rdth March 2024 at the Abuja International Conference Centre, 11, Central Area, 900 Herbert Macaulay Way, 900001, Abuja. Nigeria.

    Is WIFFEN an international event?

    Yes. WIFFEN is an international film festival and the first of its kind in Nigeria. The international film festival celebrates women filmmakers around the world.

    Who are the organizers of the festival?

    WIFFEN is organized by Girls Voices’ Girl Nation Academy and supported by Cine Culture Films, the Tides Foundation and other partners.

    Why the focus on women films alone?

    There is a significant lack of women in the technical and decision-making roles in the film industry and we need to change this, because women have stories and women have skills. Women can also write, shoot, and edit. WIFFEN was established to encourage girls and women to keep telling their stories, because their voices and their stories matter. WIFFEN was also established to celebrate and strengthen the capacities of women in the film industry. WIFFEN’s organizer, Girls Voices Initiative, continues to invest in empowering girls and women to tell their stories through film and remains committed to making sure their films are celebrated and screened to people to challenge negative social norms and to drive advocacy with policymakers.

    Who can enter for submission or is it only for women?

    WIFFEN only accepts film submissions from female filmmakers or productions that can show that not less than 60% of the production’s cast and crew were women (in important roles on the production team).

    Do we have to pay for the festival to attend?

    The festival is completely free both for film submissions and festival attendance.

    Can I volunteer at the festival and how do I volunteer at the festival?

    Yes! Volunteers are very welcomed, as long as you are willing to work and deliver service that meets the standard the festival requires. There is no gender restriction for volunteers, females are only prioritized.


    Where can I send my film to?

    Film submissions for WIFFEN are ONLY acceptable through the Film Freeway platform; submissions from any other platform are not accepted.

    How many films can I submit?

    You can submit as many films as desired, as long as your submissions fit the requirements of the festival. Please, read the film submission requirements carefully to avoid disqualification.

    Will all films selected win the festival awards?

    Selected films will automatically qualify for the various award categories in the film festival. However, only ONE film per award category will be selected for the festival awards.

    Can I send my films even after I have submitted to other festivals before?

    Yes! All films produced or directed by women from 2019 to date are eligible for submission irrespective of how many other festivals the film has been submitted to or selected in.

    How do I know that you received my submission?

    An email will be sent to you to confirm that we have received your film submission(s). And you will also receive an email notification about the selection or rejection of your film.

    Will there be discussions with the filmmakers?

    Yes! There will be a discussion session with the filmmakers which will be recorded and uploaded on our website for the duration of the festival.

    How can I attend if I am not in Nigeria?

    WIFFEN is planned to be organized both on-site and online for women filmmakers and audiences that are not in Nigeria or unable to attend the event to still participate and enjoy the festival experience. Details of how to stream the festival will be communicated on the WIFFEN website and WIFFEN’s social media platforms on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

    Will you give the filmmakers award?

    Yes! Although this is a free festival, all female filmmakers who are selected in the festival will receive the WIFFEN Selection Laurel, and all the award winners will receive the WIFFEN Award Laurel and a luxury Award Trophy at the award night whether the awardees are physically present or not (The organizers will attempt to ship the Award trophy to all award winners who are unable to physically attend the festival award event).

    How do I stream the movies?

    You will be required to register to attend the festival and an email will be sent to you with the festival schedule and the streaming links to experience the festival online. During the festival, you will be able to log onto the platform and stream the festival films for 24 hours after the festival.

    How long will the films be screened?

    Selected films will be screened at the physical festival event and available online for 24 hours after the festival. This is dependent on what the filmmaker allows so as to protect the filmmakers’ right and to prevent the film from being copied. Films that are open to the public will remain on the WIFEEN website until the next festival.

    Who do I contact if I have trouble accessing the online streaming platform?

    For any technical issues, you will be able to contact the technical team via Telegram on +234 909 561 0635, or via email mailwiffen@gmail.com for technical support.

    How do I find out what else is happening during the festival?

    Our website will have the most updated festival schedule as well as information for the live stream with same available on the WIFFEN social media platforms on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Please follow us to get updates.

    For further information, please email your questions to mailwiffen@gmail.com